[cairo] Too-large transparency groups

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Sat Jun 29 11:37:02 PDT 2013

>>>>> "AJ" == Adrian Johnson <ajohnson at redneon.com> writes:

AJ> Does CUPS provide any way to find out if PDF or PS is preferred?
AJ> That would be the easiest way to fix this bug.

AFAICT gtk will only send pdf to cups, by top-down design.

That was one of my first ideas.

We did, at least, fix the cups-filters package to permit ps to stay ps
if it is sent.

Now I'm working now on making the pdftops filter choose pdftocairo when
the pdf is by cairo or limited to DeviceRB/Gray or to sRGB/sGray.

I'd make pdftocairo primary if cairo could do the conversion without
altering each object's the colour space.  :^/

I do see the value in allowing argb images to remain argb in pdf
when that pdf is to be included into another, such as what one
might get from things like gnuplot's pdfcairo terminal or the like.

It is just a bit annoying when creating pdf for immediate print.

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