[cairo] [PATCH]: gl: Setup operands when the vertex size changes

Martin Robinson mrobinson at igalia.com
Fri Mar 8 10:18:43 PST 2013

On 02/27/2013 04:04 PM, Martin Robinson wrote:
> From 8140b8b06e50595abbad87f6fa82daf4bf4b76ce Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: Martin Robinson <mrobinson at igalia.com>
> Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 15:40:16 -0800
> Subject: [PATCH] gl: Setup operands when the vertex size changes
> Previously _cairo_gl_composite_setup_vbo was overwriting the old context
> vertex_size, while _cairo_gl_context_setup_operand was relying on it to
> determine if the vertex size changed. Instead of a fragile ordering of
> statements, pass whether the vertex size changed as an argument to enforce
> the calling order via method parameters.

No complaints, so I'll land this one. I don't think this bug causes any
failures in master, but it does in the CairoGLES fork. It's definitely
an issue either way.


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