[cairo] Lao Word-Break Support Contribution

Robert M Campbell robert.rcampbell at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 03:22:57 PDT 2013


I would like to offer a contribution to this library, /if ICU is not
already used/, for supporting Lao word-breaking.

Lao is similar to Thai, in that spaces are used more like punctuation,
and not as separators between words. So, ICU (http://icu-project.org)
fixes this by checking word-lists to find the break points. Lao is soon
to be supported as a result of the project I am working with. I would
like to contribute this code, free of charge - obviously, to this
library so that the Lao language is fully supported in open source
software. Maybe someone can help me in getting it integrated?

The code is available at: *http://code.google.com/p/lao-dictionary/

*If this project needs the contribution licensed in another manner,
email me, and it's done. I am willing to open source it in any license

Thank you all for your awesome work in such great software!

If ICU is being used as a backend for doing internationalization, it may
not be needed to do this. Just let me know!


*Robert M Campbell*
IT Consultant for ADRA Laos, IT Consultant for Mekong IT, & Open Source
Lao Cell: +856 207 616 7299
US Phone: +1 270 681 0399
robert.rcampbell at gmail.com

Visit ADRA Lao's Facebook Page at facebook.com/ADRALaos
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