[cairo] Possible bug in commit c7ce1b68

Guillaume Ayoub guillaume.ayoub at kozea.fr
Tue Mar 26 06:42:28 PDT 2013

In the _cairo_pdf_surface_add_padded_image_surface() function introduced
in this commit:

This code looks like it has a typo:

if (_cairo_fixed_integer_ceil(box.p1.x) < 0 ||
_cairo_fixed_integer_ceil(box.p1.y) < 0 ||
_cairo_fixed_integer_floor(box.p2.y) > w ||
_cairo_fixed_integer_floor(box.p2.y) > h)

The first box.p2.y value should probably be box.p2.x.

I have no idea what the implications of this bug are, or how to
test/reproduce it.
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