[cairo] 回复: 回复: How to show chinese text using cairo

Simon Sapin simon.sapin at exyr.org
Mon May 6 07:02:29 PDT 2013

Le 06/05/2013 15:43, 快乐2013 a écrit :
> thanks for your advise. but I fail to compile pango on win7.
> can freetype do it job?

No. The point of using Pango instead of cairo’s "toy" text API is to do 
better shaping. Shaping is transforming text into positioned glyphs. 
Freetype alone does not do complex shaping.

But if basic shaping is enough for you, cairo_show_text() should do the job.

> pango with GTK+ is so torrible on win7.

You can use Pango without the rest of GTK+. That’s what we do in WeasyPrint.

Simon Sapin

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