[cairo] Blitting and sprites in Cairo

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Wed May 15 02:34:05 PDT 2013

On 15/05/2013 11:07, Chris Wilson wrote:
> Assuming you've disposed off the background layer and only have the
> frontbuffer left - yes, you would need to make a copy of the area to
> be damaged (after undoing the old sprite and before applying the
> new).
Not really following you here. Also, how does one make that copy of the 
background area (to be damaged)? Which cairo function would extract a 
rect from some other surface/pattern?

> However, since you will want to double-buffer the expose event at
> least, you can use that as a composition step and not burn the
> sprites into the backdrop.
Is paint()ing pre-rendered source patterns fast enough?

What if I have quite a long stack of them to draw before I get to the 
i.e. bg1, bg2, bg3 ... bg22, then a sprite that moved 2 pixels.

In this case, I had hoped to have this kind of approach:

if only the sprite has moved:
  do not double buffer - i.e. no clearing.
  replace old damage rect (erase sprite)
  get damageable rect <-- the unknown factor.
  draw sprite in new pos.
  draw everything from bottom to top + sprite at new pos.

Apropos to this: Is there a way to copy everything on the 
surface/window/buffer (I'm not sure of the term - I mean the GTK widget 
I'm drawing on - the original context) to a single buffer - so next 
frame I can draw once rather than loop and composite all the bgs? (Then 
I'd draw the sprite in the new pos.)


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