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Sat May 25 19:42:14 PDT 2013

Hi guys from xorgand cairomailling list, 

I sent this mail to both of you because I don't know who can explains to me something. I wrote a small code, it's just a window where you should see the date and the time.

If you hit "space" the window moves, if you hit "q" the wm will exit(ok ok it's a bit fulsome to call that shit a wm..).

So now my problem, I need to redraw the clock, that actualy doesn't working yet, since I 'm bit lost with "when" and "how" to redraw, if it's cairoor xlibwho has (or both) to redraw etc.

Moreover, there is something I don't understand more, when I hit "space", then the window moves and there is a redraw (you can see it when the minutes change).

I added as attachments, main.cand Makefileso you just have to type "make" (using pkg-configfor cairo).

I want to notice, I just see if I go to another console or X running and then I back, I see a visual glitch at the background of the window.

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