[cairo] how to generate the reference images?

RAVI NANJUNDAPPA nravi.n at samsung.com
Tue Aug 12 04:34:19 PDT 2014

Thank you Uli :). 
I'll try to do the similar way in my case too.

Thanks and Best Regards, 
N Ravi

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Sender : Uli Schlachter<psychon at znc.in>
Date : Aug 12, 2014 15:56 (GMT+05:30)
Title : Re: [cairo] how to generate the reference images?


On 12.08.2014 07:29, RAVI NANJUNDAPPA wrote:
> I would like to know if there is any standard way or documentation available for generating the reference images if we want to add new Cairo tests?

I just run the freshly written test. This gives me some output in test/output/.
I then take one of those images and use it as the reference image.

So the test itself generates the ref images from me.

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