[cairo] [PATCH] Fix width and height args for _cairo_xcb_connection_copy_area()

RAVI NANJUNDAPPA nravi.n at samsung.com
Thu Aug 21 02:56:07 PDT 2014


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> On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 06:29:13PM +0300, Maks Naumov wrote:
> > Uli writes:
> > > Ouch. How did you find this? Any particular test case that catches
> > Static analysis.
> Yeah, we really should be running some of the static analysis tools
> the test suite.

I tried to search for open source static analysis tools for C/C++ code
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tools_for_static_code_analysis) . 
I found one tool called cppcheck, which is very useful. If you are using
Ubuntu machine, you can install the "cppcheck" pkg and use the tool. 
Few minutes back, I started exploring the tool with Cairo source and found
some errors reported by the tool. 
Fixed them and sent the patch for review. 
Please check it.

> It'd be nice to also have a slimmed down version of the perf tests that
> complete in a reasonable amount of time.
> Anyone know if there are existing CI systems that are already running
> or would be willing to add us and share results regularly?
> Bryce
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