[cairo] Cleaning up memleaks in test suite

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Sat Dec 6 17:40:29 PST 2014

On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 05:22:29PM +0100, Andrea Canciani wrote:
> I started working on the patches for updating cairo-quartz-font to
> work on Yosemite, but I wanted to ensure that the changes did not
> introduce new problems.
> While testing, I found out that if cairo-test-suite is run in
> foreground (./cairo-test-suite -f), api-special-cases fails with the
> assertion:
> Assertion failed: (hash_table->live_entries == 0), function
> _cairo_hash_table_destroy, file cairo-hash.c, line 217.
> Abort trap: 6
> I hunted some leaks down with valgrind (see following patches), but I
> was unable to find the cause of this assertion, which seems to occour 
> both on Linux and MacOSX.
> I'd love to get rid of as many memleaks as possible before landing the
> changes in cairo-quartz-font, as I'm afraid that I might miss some
> reference leaks in the new code.
> Moreover it's been quite some time since I worked on cairo, so I'd
> love if somebody could review the patches.

Both patches LGTM.

   40201f4..4a225fc  master -> master

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