[cairo] Getting pattern extents.

Nicola Fontana ntd at entidi.it
Tue Dec 16 09:30:40 PST 2014

Il Tue, 16 Dec 2014 14:51:46 +0200 Donn <donn.ingle at gmail.com> scrisse:

> Nicola,
>   I have produced some code (in vala) using your suggestion. The attached
> image shows what's happening.

I admit it has been difficult to understand the code... too many nested
save/restore pairs for my limited memory.

Anyway I found 2 errors. The first one:

> [...]
>            ctm.multiply(ctm,otm); //ctm is now changed. ctm = ctm * otm

should be ctm.multiply(otm,ctm) (sorry, my bad). Then just before using
ce1 and ce2 you should apply the identity matrix (as you already did for
the original bounding box):

> [...]
>            //Try drawing something with these numbers:
>              cr.set_source_rgb(1,0,1);
>              cr.rectangle( cex1, cey1, cex2-cex1, cey2-cey1);
>              cr.stroke();
> [...]

After that the two red dots will be rendered in the correct position. To
get the whole bounding box you should apply the same transformation to
the other two corners.


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