[cairo] Soliciting Cairo hacks! (Cairocks)

Jeremy Moles cubicool at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 07:51:49 PST 2014

About 2 years ago I started a small project on Googlecode called 
cairocks whose purpose was to assimilate neat, common "hacks" that Cairo 
users regularly find themselves using that aren't necessarily in Cairo 


It includes some cool stuff such as: loading JPEG's and animated GIFS, 
Behdad's map_path_onto, rounded rectangle, embossing, Mirco Mueller's 
old gaussian blur, Signed Distance Field creation, etc. However, I think 
I'm still the only person who uses it, so I'm either looking to expand 
its content and exposure, or else I'm subsume it into the project that 
actually uses it most.

This is just a quick poke and prod to the lists to see if anyone else 
has anything interesting they'd be willing to let me add. :)

ALSO: I plan on adding another feature, something like 
cairocks_append_named_path/cairocks_set_named_path, which will let you 
append the current path to a named target, and then later set all these 
appended paths as the current, single path. This is useful in cases, for 
example, when you want stroke a partially-transparent overlay or outline 
on top of some surface that may cross over itself, but you don't want it 
to actually blend. I know that is a terrible description, but anyone who 
has ever done HUD or game UI design using Cairo probably knows what I 
mean. :)


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