[cairo] Out of data pycairo on pypy

Simon Sapin simon.sapin at exyr.org
Tue Jan 14 06:34:57 PST 2014

On 14/01/2014 12:04, Oswaldo wrote:
> El 11/01/2014 17:23, Simon Sapin escribió:
>> ...
>> Have a look at cairocffi: http://pythonhosted.org/cairocffi/
> Hi Simon,
> I'm trying to install cairoffi on win32/python2.7 but when execute "pip
> install cairocffi" it show the following error:
> ...
> ...
> building '_cffi_backend' extension
> error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat
> I assume that it's looking for the c compiler.
> It is imperative to have mingw or vc2008?
> Is there any precompiled version for win32?

Hi Oswaldo,

cairocffi itself is pure-Python, but it depends on CFFI which, on 
CPython, involves compiling some C code. You’ll need a C compiler to 
install from source, though I don’t know which compilers work. It 
probably should be the same as the one that built your Python. See the 
CFFI docs:


The easiest is probably to use Christoph Gohlke’s unofficial binaries:


After that, you’ll also need to have cairo somewhrere cairocffi can find it:


Simon Sapin

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