[cairo] Cairo and wxWidgets Crash

WC Black blackwc88 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 17:26:27 PST 2014

I am writing an app using Cairo and wxWidgets. There is an odd behavior
that happens in Cairo 1.12.16 that did not happen when I compiled with
previous Cairo version, namely the ones precompiled in gtk+ bundle 3.2.6
I believe.

When I modify the path data the strange behavior arises where the cairo
object will cover up the wxDC drawn nodes and will not appear to draw on
the context outside of the set device origins. Occasionally when I drag
the object outside of the device origin bounds it will crash. I've
provided a link to the call stack along with a link to the screenshot of
the weird behavior.


Cairo version: cairo 1.12.16
Operating System: Windows 7
Compiler: MS VC

The following is a link to the call stack after a crash:

The following is a link to the image of the weird behavior:

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