[cairo] crash in cairo_clip_intersect_rectangle_box

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Thu Jul 17 05:37:31 PDT 2014


On 17.07.2014 05:25, Ethan Nicholas wrote:
> I just started using Cairo as a rendering backend and almost immediately ran into a crash. I simplified the failing case down to:

Thanks for the test case!

> This consistently crashes in cairo_clip_intersect_rectangle_box (MacOS X 10.9.3, Cairo 1.12.16 installed via MacPorts). I’m new to Cairo so it’s quite possible I’m doing something wrong; any help would be appreciated.

I can't say much helpful. The code looks correct to me and it doesn't crash here
on Linux. Both debian unstable's cairo 1.12.16-2 and latest git/master work fine
for me. Valgrind didn't find anything to complain about either.

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