[cairo] Patch for win32 clipping crash + Visual Studio project file

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Thu Jul 24 22:57:10 PDT 2014

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On 24.07.2014 18:52, LRN wrote:
> On 09.07.2014 1:43, Bryce W. Harrington wrote:
>> On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 06:16:23PM +0200, z wrote:
>>> Hi, I'm new here, please tell me if I write anything inappropriate to 
>>> this list.
>>> As others before me I also met a crash using cairo with a win32 dc
>>> when it has clipping. For example: 
>>> http://lists.cairographics.org/archives/cairo/2012-October/023683.html
It took me a few hours but I figured out what the problem is. I don't
>>> know how to post patches (i.e. just add attachment or something) so
>>> let me paste in the diff output. (it was done with the source of the
>>> latest stable release, 1.12.16)
>>> The original code could be optimized to work faster with smaller
>>> memory usage as it is currently not really optimal, but I don't have
>>> the time to do it. If anyone wants to, I might be able to help after I
>>> spent so much time reading this code to make the patch. (Currently it
>>> is better to just allocate some memory and let cairo write to it
>>> directly.)
>>> I also made a project file that works with Visual Studio 2012 (and 
>>> presumably 2013) and compiles the pixman 0.32.4  / cairo 1.12.16 into
>>> a static library without having to install other tools: 
>>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/cairosolutionvs2012/
>>> Here's the patch: (I don't know if the format is good, I used
>>> winmerge to make it, but looks very similar to other patches)
>> Here's a document with some directions on how to properly format
>> patches:
>> http://wiki.x.org/wiki/Development/Documentation/SubmittingPatches/
>> Basically, you should generate them via `git format-patch`
> Since the OP seems to be absent, here's a beautified version of the same 
> patch, with suggested changes.

There's a typo in the patch (one comma is missing, my bad - that's what
happen when you commit code without testing whether it compiles or not).

Anyway, the code itself doesn't work for me - GTK+, when using a version of
cairo patched like this, fails to draw anything (all windows are empty).

So if you guys were concerned in any way that you're missing on anything -
don't be.

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