[cairo] Enable the Open GL backend by default ?

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Sat Mar 8 02:25:13 PST 2014


On 06.03.2014 14:06, Stuart Axon wrote:
>   Is there a point where cairo-gl will be enabled in builds by default  ?

Yes, if it ever becomes a non-experimental backend. So it needs an active
maintainer and not too many bugs / test suite failures.

> Even if it was marked as experimental, but enabled - it could encourage developers to try and use it... 

Then what's the point of marking it as experimental? No one would care. So
having it not enabled by default means it is experimental.

> it's been available for a number of years, I guess it must basically work by now ?

mktemp() has been available for a number of years, I guess it must basically be
secure by now?

> I'm certainly interested in trying it, the barrier would be a lot less if it came turned on by default in my distro.

Then open a bug report against your distro asking them to enable cairo-gl. I
think that "most" distros do that anyway for wayland / weston, don't they?

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