[cairo] query regarding resolving undefined symbols for libcairo.so

RAVI NANJUNDAPPA nravi.n at samsung.com
Wed May 28 04:17:18 PDT 2014


I've a query regarding adding a so library dependency during linking of cairo test suite.
The scenarios is : Am using a XAA() in Cairo. Xaa.h file is having its prototype declaration and libxaa.so has this symbol definition.
This function is used in one of the cairo/src/ files and am also including the Xaa.h header file to get through the compilation.
Compilation is successful and libcairo.so is generated but when I check for the symbols using 'nm' it says "XAA" is undefined and 
also 'ldd' doesn't list the libxaa.so file in the dependency list. 
Could anyone help me out in figuring out the correct place to add libxaa.so, so that it comes in the depenendency list of libcairo.so ?

Thanks and Best Regards, 
N Ravi

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