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David Pirotte david at altosw.be
Mon Aug 3 16:53:17 PDT 2015

Hi Tomas,

> Thanks for this. I see now that I have what may be the latest version of 
> guile-cairo (1.9.91) unpacked on my HD. The one I am using is the latest 
> from Ubuntu, which is 1.4.0.

That explains a lot :)

> I never bothered to try installing 1.9 from source, but it seems to 
> support recording surfaces, so may work for me.

	> (The 1.9.91 readme file is dated 2011)

Ok, fyi, when we speak about installing 'from the source', we mean from a CVS repo,
which in this case is git:


	[ what you mean when you refer to 1.9, is actually what we call 'from the
	[ tarball'

I really really recommand you to install guile-cairo from the source, it is so easy,
and you'll play with the latest stable which has been last updated in 2014, not in

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