[cairo] Inserting duplex and tumble options in cairo postscript output

Dov Grobgeld dov.grobgeld at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 06:11:32 PDT 2015

I have recently ported my line printing program paps (http;//
github.com/dov/paps) from my own postscript generation to using cairo. One
of the things I wonder is how to insert tumble and duplex instructions in
the generated postscript. The postscript for duplex and tumple typically
look as follows:

statusdict /setduplexmode known
{ statusdict begin setduplexmode end } {pop} ifelse
statusdict /settumble known
{ statusdict begin settumble end } {pop} ifelse

I suppose that I could add these statements through


but this looks quite ugly, as these statements are not dsc comments. So is
there another method?

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