[cairo] Limitation of recording surface

Bernhard R. Fischer bf at abenteuerland.at
Wed Feb 4 01:35:57 PST 2015


I'm developing Smrender which is a chart renderer for OSM data and I use 
cairographics for it. Those charts are highly complex and contain a huge 
amount of vector data.

Internally, everything is rendered to a recording surface which is finally 
"painted" to a PDF surface (or other formats).

I found out that with some amount of input data the PDF is degraded to a 
raster image instead of vector image.

Is there any known limit in the recording surface or in the PDF surface which 
causes this behavior? Is there any possibility to change this or do you have 
any suggestions what I can do to avoid this?

The following two charts are rendered on the same system, same software, same 
The only difference is that for the 2nd (raster) PDF more input data (contour 
lines) is used. You can clearly see (if you zoom in) that the first one is a 
vector image and the second is a raster image. The first also has embedded 
fonts which the 2nd does not have.


Best regards,
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