[cairo] Converting Nested SVGs to Multi-page PDFs

Guillaume Ayoub guillaume.ayoub at kozea.fr
Wed Feb 18 00:01:53 PST 2015

Hello Bob,

CairoSVG is an independant tool that's not distributed with Cairo 
packages, so this is probably not the appropriate mailing-list to talk 
about it, but here's my answer.

Yes, it is possible, it's a "hidden feature". Your SVG file must be the 
concatenation of the svg tags corresponding to the pages, surrounded by 
a svg tag. I'm sure that it works at least with pages of the same size.

If you have any problems with CairoSVG, you can send me a mail or 
create an issue, I'll be happy to help.

Le mar. 17 févr. 2015 à 22:29, Dolittle <seedpress at gmail.com> a 
écrit :
> Folks,
> Is it possible to convert nested SVGs to multi-page PDFs using 
> cairosvg?
> My "master" SVG has 107 sub-nested SVGs. If one were to draw a 
> flow-chart of how each SVG opens several other sub-nested ones, then 
> it would look like a tree with many branches. Needless to say, it is 
> tedious to print each SVG separately. If I could convert the project 
> to a single, multi-page PDF document, then a lot of work would be 
> saved.
> Bob H.

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