[cairo] Delphi: Cairo hardware acceleration

Harald Friedrich harald at ibfriedrich.com
Sat Jan 3 13:49:23 PST 2015

Hello Stefan,

thank you for your answer and your hints. I checked more exactly and 
found that cairo is faster than GDI but it is way slower than OpenGL. 
The quality is much better using cairo.

So I think I have to use OpenGL directly without any wrapper because I 
need the speed.

Am 03.01.2015 um 15:18 schrieb Stefan Salewski:
> On Fri, 2015-01-02 at 19:49 +0100, Harald Friedrich wrote:
>> How can I check, whether full hardware acceleration is taking place?
> Hello,
> still hoping for an answer of the experts...
> But some remarks from me.
> For searching the cairo mailing list you can use something
> "site:lists.cairographics.org hardware acceleration" in google.
> As you may know, I have used Cairo for my draft schematics editor from
> Ruby -- and recently I did the latest cairo bindings for Nim language...
> Support for Hardware Accelleration is generally not very good for Cairo,
> as far as I know Open-GL backends exists but are not generally
> recommended.
> For your tests: You should avoid calling Random in your Benchmarks, it
> may take an amount of time comparable to the drawing code. At least
> benchmark Random alone, use table data or your own simple random proc.
> Generally only factor 10 between Cairo and GL seems to be very good to
> me. What is your expectation? High Cairo drawing quality with full GL
> speed? I think that will be not possible. Advantages of Cairo is high
> quality, high level api, and easy use of different backends, for Example
> SVG and PDF exports. GL is very fast, but more low level.

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