[cairo] (no subject)

Roman Goldov goldov1 at yandex.ru
Fri Jul 10 07:21:36 PDT 2015

I am a new user of GTK+ and of Cairo. That is why I would appreciate detailed answers for my questions.

>From the manual:
"cairo_pattern_create_linear(x0,y0,x1,y1) -  Before using the gradient pattern, a number of color stops should be defined using cairo_pattern_add_color_stop_rgb() or cairo_pattern_add_color_stop_rgba()."

do i understand corerectly that this function is a general function - that is it says only to create a linear gradient
between (x0,y0) and (x1,y1) points, and the colors are defined by, for example, cairo_pattern_add_color_stop_rgb()
function ?

cairo_pattern_add_color_stop_rgb (cairo_pattern_t *pattern, double offset, double red, double green, double blue) - 
whst does "offset" mean in terms of the colors? is it a number ? in which range it is varied ?

Thank you.

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