[cairo] Issues using cairo for splash -- Ubuntu, virtual machine

Nicola Fontana ntd at entidi.it
Fri Jun 19 08:38:43 PDT 2015

Il Fri, 19 Jun 2015 14:54:32 +0000 "Elliott, Carrie Lynn" <cellio18 at vols.utk.edu> scrisse:

> [...] When I ran the configuration and looked at the output text
> file, I saw a few things that jumped out at me. Packages missing
> (gtk, librsvg, gdk, poppler-glib, etc), 'no such file/directory'
> errors (CoreGraphics.h, libiberty.h, confsdefs.h,
> ApplicationServices.h, etc), undefined references to flags like
> -lbfd, and so on.

Hi Elliott,

I think your problem is not related to cairo... worse, I bet you
do not even have to build cairo. The only reasons I see for doing
a personal build are (1) you are a cairo developer or (2) the
package provided by your system is too old or (3) you want to use
some custom configuration.

It seems you just have some missing dependency (ubuntu and debian
split every package in development and runtime flavours). If you
have trouble building splash, it is better to look for help on
their forums.


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