[cairo] XCopyArea and Cairo - trying to implement scrolling

Richard Billington billingt at AI.SRI.COM
Thu May 14 20:34:00 PDT 2015

I'm trying to translate a backend from using Xlib calls to using Cairo, 
where reasonable. The drawing operations I'm doing (text and graphics) 
are ignoring the xlib gcontext, and instead using the cairo context. 
However, when I try to use my cairo implementation of an xcopyarea-like 
function, I get some kind of event generated which I don't know how to 
handle. If I try to use xcopyarea (the xlib implementation), it "works" 
except that the background is always black, not the background it ought 
to be.

I can go into more specifics, but I'm just wondering if there's any 
standard way of doing this. I found an archived discussion from many 
years ago about this subject, but I can't tell if there were 
patches/reimplementations done to better accommodate this nor if there's 
a standard approach.

Thanks for any light you can shed ...

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