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Jabier Arraiza jabier.arraiza at marker.es
Sat Sep 12 00:13:06 PDT 2015

Hi adrian. Thanks for your help. In my last review to cairo, change a knot color is removed whith a function whithout color parameter. But im not a cairo expert. Also a mesh gradient has sometimes a lot of information to the user and think change individual/patch knot color is the best UX design. If you know a method to change the knot color please tell me the name. Thanks for your review, Jabiertxo

El 12 de septiembre de 2015 04:05:57 CEST, Adrian Johnson <ajohnson at redneon.com> escribió:
>On 09/09/15 23:01, Jabier Arraiza wrote:
>> Hi to all. Im new in the list, my name is Jabier/Jabiertxof I`m from
>> Pamplona and currently work on Inkscape in some LPE.
>> I want to ask for a feature request about gradient meshes introduced
>> inkscape by Tavmjong Bah for the 0.92 release, current devel.
>> The feature is a method to highlight tha active patch (1+4+4) with
>> diferent color in knots ¿yellow? ¿custom? it help a lot in the use of
>> mesh gradients.
>This is something that should be implemented in Inkscape. This could be
>easily achieved by changing the color of the patch or stroking the path
>around the patch.
>> Sorry for my english, all the best, Jabier.

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