[cairo] cairo_debug_reset_static_data() and pango crashing.

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Sat Jul 2 11:57:07 UTC 2016


Am 02.07.2016 um 11:14 schrieb mike e:
> The API warns that using the reset call may cause such an error if there are active cairo objects in use, but the code works perfectly without the pango calls in place.

Sounds like there are still cairo objects alive and that Pango is keeping a
reference to something, right? :-)

> Here's the bare-bones code, the program runs fine if both lines are commented.  If either are not commented, the error will occur:

Add a call to pango_cairo_font_map_set_default(NULL); before calling
cairo_debug_reset_static_data();. That makes PangoCairo unreference the fonts
that it still has alive.

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