[cairo] Cairo website is missing some headers, causing some browsers to choke

Joe Duarte songofapollo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 22:47:43 UTC 2016

Hi all,

There are some problems on the releases page:

The first few listings are for change logs, e.g. ChangeLog.cairo-1.14.4.
However, these pages don't have Content Type headers. As a result, they
render as a jumbled mess in MS Edge and IE 11.

Those change logs are followed by a few ambiguously labeled links to
binaries, an example being LATEST-cairo-1.14.6.

Those links also lack Content Type headers, and since they also lack file
extensions, it's not clear what they are. However, since
LATEST-cairo-1.14.6 is the same size as cairo-1.14.6.tar.xz (listed further
down, both 34 MB), I assume that it is the tar.xz file. When you click on
the LATEST-cairo-1.14.6 file in Edge or IE 11, the browser will freeze and
ultimately render gobbledygook since it's a binary, not a web page.

Edge and IE 11 have no problems with cairo-1.14.6.tar.gz, presumably
because that link has a proper Content Type header: *application/x-xz*, so
it just downloads normally and they don't try to render it as a web page
(and maybe they don't even need the header given the file extension – I'm
not sure).

The fix is to set the Content Type headers for all these links/pages (the
change logs are pages, or should be – right now they're plain text files
with Unix line endings, not HTML files. It's possible that Edge and IE 11
will handle them properly if they're just given the text/plain Content


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