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Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Tue Aug 1 14:08:24 UTC 2017


On 01.08.2017 13:55, Whiteunicorn Whiteunicorn wrote:
> Hello
> My goal is to compile cairo (maybe cairomm) for iOs in a bare minimum form, so that i can convert png (binary black and white, no gray tones) to svg and nothing more. I don't need other kind of support from it such as rendering based on hardware acceleration and such. The png files are so tiny that i can live with quartz graphics. With that said I was wondering if I could get some help/tips on doing that. 

You do know that cairo cannot convert PNG files to SVG, right?

> My current effort was to attempt including the source cairo files into a iOs library project and try to compile that, but even after disabling everything unnecessary (xlib, etc) I've got stuck with gl support. Disabling this as well results in a compilation error 
> i.e. # error Cairo was not compiled with support for the GL backend

So, you are not using cairo's Makefile, but instead directly add cairo's
C files to your project, right?

Please look at src/Makefile.sources [0]. You do not need to add all
source files, but only those for the enabled backends (and those listed
under cairo_sources). So, in your case, all the files listed under
cairo_gl_sources [1] are not needed.


[0]: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/cairo/tree/src/Makefile.sources
[1]: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/cairo/tree/src/Makefile.sources#n392
If you have to type the letters "A-E-S" into your source code, you're
doing it wrong.

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