[cairo] Documentation bug

Артур Галямов artur233945 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 05:44:34 UTC 2017


Tiny bug in documentation section of cairo_image_surface_create(),

The leading `0.` in doc-comment causes html docs [1] to contain:

>    Initially the surface contents are all
>      1. (Specifically...

while it should read:

>    Initially the surface contents are all 0. (Specifically...

I think `0.` can be moved onto previous line to prevent this.



(I know what mailing lists is and how to use it, but going through so much
hassle to file a simple fix and not be able to point to the exact line in
code is just rollupmyeye-ing. I even filed an issue to the wrong repo
first, because it was the only thing google spits out for
cairo-image-surface.c. I'm not even sure formatting is preserved by the
list or gmail, so ymmw)
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