[cairo] Cairo-nsgl with Syphon

enc0der enc0der at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 16:00:34 UTC 2017


I downloaded the cairo-nsgl repository and got it all working on OSX, works
fantastic.  Now I've been trying to get it to work with Syphon and just not
having any good luck.

With Syphon, you can take a texture and basically export it out to other
apps.  This is a common method for taking visual output and bringing it
into another app.

Clearly I am just doing something wrong.

I tried using glGetPixels, I tried using the Cairo get image data, but
given this is a gl context, I imagine that is the problem I am running into.

In the Cairo_nsgl library I don't see any function that is public for
getting the image data out of the OpenGL nsview.  Everything I have tried
has produced a black output.

Has anyone gone down this path with the nsgl Cairo version?

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