[cairo] Getting Bezier Control Points from a Smoothing Function

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Hi Lawrence, 

Lets say I want to draw a fish. So I work with a coordinate system and maybe use 0-1 or in this case 0-10 Cartesian. I sketch a general dot to dot sketch of my fish. Something to get me started. Then I can draw this sketch without trying to figure out where the control points might be. I can put something together quickly this way. Maybe, I can't quite get it how I want it doing this. At least I have the control points to work with. Here is a simple example of this approach.





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On Mon, 19 Jun 2017 14:50:00 -0400, cecashon at aol.com wrote:> Besides ring gradients, getting control points from a set of points> is very useful in general.I don’t understand the use of this. Faking a theoretical curve fromexperimental data?-- cairo mailing listcairo at cairographics.orghttps://lists.cairographics.org/mailman/listinfo/cairo
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