[cairo] New PDF features

Guillaume Ayoub guillaume.ayoub at kozea.fr
Sat Aug 4 20:21:05 UTC 2018


I would like to thank you for the new features added in 1.15.x 
versions, especially the ones related to PDF generation. I really like 
the new API and find it very useful.

I've implemented most of (all?) these features in CairoCFFI [1], a 
Python binding of Cairo, and things seem to work very well.

After trying to use these features in WeasyPrint [2], I have two 

- I've tried to add internal hyperlinks using the "rect=[x x x x] 
page=x pos=[x x]" syntax. It works when the target is on a previous 
page or on the same page as the link, but it's broken when the target 
is on a page that has not been created yet. Is it a known limitation, a 
bug, or did I miss something about the way the feature works?

- All PDF metadata can now be changed except from "/Producer" that is 
fixed to "cairo xxx (http://cairographics.org)". Would it be possible 
to make this string editable, or at least let users add something 
before/after this string? I can even provide a patch if needed :).

Thanks a lot,

[1] https://cairocffi.readthedocs.io/
[2] https://weasyprint.org/
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