[cairo] Cairo text rendering with ANTIALIAS_BEST is broken with 1.15.10 and freetype 2.9

Alexandre Bique bique.alexandre at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 11:18:12 UTC 2018


I've been investigating some font rendering issues in Bitwig Studio.

While trying to reproduce a test case where showing the string "222" would
clip the 2 by one pixel on the top, and showing "222h" would not because
the h is higher and I believe that the text extents were used somewhere...

Anyway I've found something even worse on the way: ANTIALIAS_BEST renders
totally unreadable text in some conditions where the other anti aliasing
algorithms are working.

>From the bugzilla, this issue seems to be known for at least one year:

I've attached a test case to it, so it will be very easy for you to
reproduce the bug and fix it.

Good luck!

Alexandre Bique
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