[cairo] cairo / xlib not updating window content

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Sun Jul 29 14:33:04 UTC 2018


On 29.07.2018 14:22, Pavel Petrovic wrote:
> I am also responding to resizing of the window now
> with resizing back to this fixed size, although I did not go
> into preventing maximizing, which seems more tricky.

You are now in violation of ICCCM ยง 4.2.4.

Also, please take a look at size hints where you can set a maximum and
minimum size. Setting both to the same value makes the window unresizable.

My stackoverflow answer does double buffering: There is a a "permanent
storage" that saves the desired content of the window. That way, nothing
bad happens when the window becomes exposed.

Cedric's solution... I'm not quite sure what it does. It fixes some
flickering that is not there? It does double buffering, too, but only
uses a temporary buffer that loses its content afterwards? I felt like
you want your windows to actually retain old content, which that
temporary group does not do...

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