[cairo] [Regression in 1.15] pdftocairo -pdf inverts image color in this PDF (#105294)

Paul Menzel pmenzel+cairo at molgen.mpg.de
Tue May 15 17:27:38 UTC 2018

Dear Peter, dear Adrian,

As reported in bug #105294 [1], the commit b207a932a (Correctly decode 
Adobe CMYK JPEGs in PDF export) [2] with the description below cause a 
regression that images in PDFs are inverted.

> Adobe PhotoShop generates CMYK JPEG files with inverted CMYK. When a 
> JPEG file with this format is included in a PDF file, a `/Decode` 
> array must be included to convert to "normal" CMYK.
> These JPEG files can be detected via the presence of the APP14
> "Adobe" marker. However, PDF viewers are not required to detect and
> handle this private marker, so it must be detected and handled (by
> adding a `/Decode`) by the PDF generator.

Most users are affected wanting to print PDFs created by Adobe Photoshop 
causing the prints to be unusable. With the commit reverted, the 
printout is fine.

Do you know of a fix or should the commit be reverted for now?

Kind regards,


[1] https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=105294

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