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Flow Hoa florian06 at msn.com
Sat Nov 3 20:21:20 UTC 2018

Thank you so much for your answer. Of course there are many knots to transform and that is why OpenCL (CL) is my first pal. My plan is to use Cairo to collect the math results as coordinates to draw the nice true-anti-aliased angular shapes (polygones).
Question should have been :
How many vector designed triangles would be drawn on most common non-gamer graphic cards? (troubles to express my self in english, I am sorry).

HuntR Interactive (startuping)

Le 3 nov. 2018 à 20:46, "cecashon at aol.com<mailto:cecashon at aol.com>" <cecashon at aol.com<mailto:cecashon at aol.com>> a écrit :

Hi Flow,

50.000 or 50,000 knots sounds like a lot to draw. What kind of shapes are you drawing?

If you are looking for getting the max fps, maybe opengl. If you need to output to different surfaces, print output, draw text, etc. cairo might be a good choice. If you use GTK you can try both and use what works best for your situation.

This uses cairo to draw some vector boids with a fps timer. Maybe it is of some help.



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