[cairo] [Regression in 1.15] pdftocairo -pdf inverts image color in this PDF (#105294)

Paul Menzel pmenzel+cairo at molgen.mpg.de
Tue Oct 16 09:32:52 UTC 2018

Dear Bryce,

On 06/08/18 01:44, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Has anyone had a chance to look into this?

I do not think so.

> Is a proper fix feasible within a couple weeks (before I do the next
> 1.15 snapshot)?  If it's not feasible and a revert has to be done,
> would one of you like to take care of that or should I handle it?

It’d be great if you could do it. `git revert` and adding a reference to
the bug report.

> I'll try to revisit this issue again before finalizing the snapshot,
> at least to follow up with the revert if nothing else is possible.

It’d be great, if this could be done before the 1.16 release.

Kind regards,


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