[cairo] Text stuffing with Cairo/pycairo?

Warren Vick wvick at europa.uk.com
Wed Apr 24 14:28:18 UTC 2019


New to the list and wondering if Cairo might be the right library to help me create some vector-based typographic art.

I'd like to create a piece that only use text at various font faces, sizes, style, colours, etc. It would largely be machine generated so I'd like to find a software library that will help me place vector text on a canvas and finally save as a large PDF. From a Python script, I'd like to be able to specify a bounding box on the page, the text string, text attributes and get the library to fill (by sizing and stretching) the text to fill the box. I'll repeat this process several thousand times and when I'm done, simply save the PDF. I'd love to avoid messing around with font metrics if I can and get the library to do the "text stuffing" for me.

Is Cairo and the pycairo bindings the right library for me? Any simple example out there that might help? Many thanks.


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