[cairo] A Question

Elmar Haneke elmar at haneke.de
Wed Feb 27 09:24:14 UTC 2019

>    A question on Cairo: The X Y inputs to Cairo drawing functions are
> type double.
> Dose this imply that pixel or line spacing could be less than 1.0?
> Could the spacing be say 0.5 or 0.25?

On devices where an coordinate-distance of 1.0 does map to an single
pixel this does make only limited sense as the space or line width might
be rounded to 0.

But for high resolution devices as printers or vector-graphics as PDF
you can define coordinates to 72DPI or 300DPI or if you prefer to work
metric even to millimeters.

On such an setting an spacing of 0.25 does make an significant difference.


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