[cairo] Chart Perspective

cecashon at aol.com cecashon at aol.com
Sun Jan 20 22:28:17 UTC 2019

Hi all,

A couple of 3d histogram charts. The first one uses 3x3 matrices and the second uses 4x4 matrices so that perspective is included. A fair amount of linear algebra in there to transform points.

It works pretty good. Fonts and shapes get rotated and stretched out with perspective. Output to svg and pdf looks good and can be opened up and edited in Inkscape.

I am not a linear algebra pro so I got a few things upside down and backwards while working on this. For the most part I think that I have it worked out. Wouldn't surprise me if there are a few things incorrect though. 

Some interesting possibilities for getting some nice print layouts with cairo. The animation works good also.



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