[cairo] Release management for Cairo

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Sat Dec 26 21:28:26 UTC 2020

As mentioned in the 1.17.4 release notes, I'm stepping away from release
management duties for Cairo.

Uli has been a leading developer in the project and a very effective
coordinator of project direction.  However, he does not want to take on
the release management role.

James Lowden has volunteered to take on the role going forward, so I am
handing the release duties over to him at this time.  Please lend him
assistance as he ramps up the learning curve.

I've striven to keep the release documentation updated and accurate.  I
try to make it as 'paint by numbers' as possible, however every release
has its own unique quirks.

With the introduction of meson and the move to gitlab, there are changes
that could or should be made to the process.  As well, each of us has
our own style of doing stuff, and I expect James will want to adapt the
process to his style as well.

My recommendation would be to do a 1.16.x release, both because Federico
already identified cherrypickable patches and because it'd be good for
practice.  Then tackle 1.18.0 after that; the one really required task
is to verify there are no API breakages, but you guys may want to think
about other goals (e.g. test framework improvements, etc.)  Those of you
doing active development work on Cairo will want to coordinate with James
as to release scheduling and such.

Thanks James, and good luck everyone!
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