[cairo] Cairo docker build fails due to missing pixman dependency

David Faizulaev dfaizulaev at chegg.com
Tue Dec 29 09:34:02 UTC 2020


I'm trying to upgrade an existing docker image, which used an old version of Cairo, to use latest Cairo, cairo-1.17.2.

But when I try to build it, I get the following error:

#12 8.793 checking for pixman... no
#12 8.801 checking whether cairo's image surface backend feature could be enabled... no

(requires pixman-1 >= 0.36.0 https://cairographics.org/releases/)
#12 8.802 configure: error: mandatory image surface backend feature could not be enabled

The dockerfile is:

FROM node:10.15

RUN apt-get update  && apt-get install -y \

    python3 \

    python3-pip \

    python3-setuptools \

    wget \

    poppler-utils \

    jq \

    pdftk \

    ghostscript \

    ffmpeg \

    build-essential cmake libfontforge-dev wget \

    libpoppler-private-dev \

    pkg-config \

    cmake \

    make \

    gcc \

    g++ \

    libcairo-dev \

    libspiro-dev \

    libpng-dev \

    libjpeg-dev \

    libpoppler-dev \

    libpango1.0-dev \

    libfontforge-dev \

    poppler-data \

    openjdk-8-jre-headless \

    && pip3 install --upgrade pip \

    && apt-get clean

RUN pip3 --no-cache-dir install --upgrade awscli


ADD lib/cairo-1.17.2.tar.xz /tmp

WORKDIR /tmp/cairo-1.17.2

RUN ./configure --prefix=/tmp/cairob && make && make install

RUN cp -r /tmp/cairob/lib/* /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

I searched for perhaps installing pixman using apt-get but was unable to find it.

Please advise.

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