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Sun Nov 22 21:47:56 UTC 2020

forgot to ask you to link this to inkscape#543 bug report.

Thank You,

David Paul

On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 3:40 PM DJ Paul <tiggerdjpaul at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> *Summary:*
> I am using Inkscape as my main drawing program and have been since version
> 0.48 or so.  Somewhere along the way, I had been able to use the PNG export
> feature to export large banners with large pixel counts, however, this is
> no longer working well.
> Best I can tell, it worked better with Inkscape 0.48 on Mac OS 10.11.6
> which was El-Capitan *{Not sure as the computer has been updated since
> then}*.  I have recently updated to Mac OS 10.14.6 and cannot get this to
> work as I needed.  I had submitted a bug to Inkscape, they narrowed it down
> the Pixman library and said to open a ticket with you.
> *Details:*
> I am trying to export a PNG from a drawing that is 10'x3' at 300dpi or
> 600dpi.  Highest it will reliably is hard to figure out, but it seems to be
> somewhere between 150dpi.  If I try to go higher, I just get blank or
> corrupted PNG files.
> I have PNG files from similar 2017-2018 projects with pixel sizes of
> 30,000 x 9,000 which is ~250dpi at 10'x3'  Inkscape would also not do the
> 300dpi requested by the printers then, but the latest version won't do this
> size.
> Versions of Inkscape I have tried on Mac OS 10.14.6 are 0.48, 0.91, 0.92,
> 1.00, and 1.01 and they all currently have this issue.  I have also tried
> Inkscape 0.92 on the latest version of Ubuntu Studio and windows 10 with
> similar results.
> This issue also seems to be independent of the drawing size. If I try to
> export a 10"x3" drawing to the 36,000 x 10,800 pixels I get similar
> results when exporting a 10'x3' banner at 36,000 x 10,800 pixels.
> Is this a bug or beyond the Pixman library's function?  Either way, I
> would like to be able to export high dpi, banner sized images from
> Inkscape.  Biggest I can see me using is 86400x86400 pixels which is a
> 12'x12' image @ 600dpi.
> Output image size should not depend on the actual size of the drawings.
> Drawing sizes can greatly change the result of Inkscape's filters.  So if I
> have an 10"x3" picture, I'd still like to be able to export that to a
> 36,000 x 10,800 pixel image to print a 10'x3' banner @ 300dpi.
> *Attached Files:*
>    *Inkscape Drawing:* Banner_Background_1_10ftx3ft.svg
>    *PNG Export Settings:* PNG_Export_Dialog_1.png
> *   Resulting PNG File:* Banner_Background_1_36000x10800.png
> Thank You,
> David Paul

*David Paul*
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