[cairo] ODP: cairo Digest, Vol 183, Issue 17

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Thu Nov 26 14:41:16 UTC 2020

On 26.11.2020 15:03, Rafał Jopek wrote:
> Starting with version 2.8, released in 2005, GTK began the transition
> to using Cairo to render most of its graphical control elements widgets.
> Since GTK version 3.0, all rendering is done using Cairo.

To put it in context, GTK 4.0 will only use Cairo rendering as a fallback (it's 
a bit more nuanced than that, but that's how i would describe the result in a 
nutshell), because Cairo rendering cannot (by design) be accelerated with 
modern GPUs, which is highly desirable these days.

(sorry, replying to a digest - can't find the actual email in my inbox)
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