[cairo] Dependency libs

John Emmas john at creativepost.co.uk
Wed Sep 16 11:05:50 UTC 2020

Hi there - is this mailing list still active or has it all moved to a 
forum now ?

Basically, I built cairo several years ago using MSVC.  At the time I 
only built as 32-bit but I'd now like to try a 64-bit build.

At the time, cairo had several dependencies:- pixman, zlib, freetype and 
fontconfig (which I built from source code).  And there were a couple of 
others (png and iconv) for which I used pre-built dev libraries.

Are png and iconv still needed?  Up to now, the only one I've looked for 
is iconv but I can't seem to find development libs for it any more :-(


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