[cairo] Problems to compile cairo with pango support

Dave Yeo dave.r.yeo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 02:44:16 UTC 2020

On 09/24/20 06:51 PM, alexandre schenberg wrote:
> Hello. I am currently trying to compile pango with support of cairo.

In your environment where you're compiling everything in non-standard 
locations, are you installing the stuff. Eg, using the same prefix for 
all your libs, something like 
--prefix=/media/34GB/Arquivos-de-Programas-Linux/libraries, doing make 
install, and then finding all your includes, libs, pkg-config files etc 
installed under /media/34GB/Arquivos-de-Programas-Linux/Libraries and 
referencing them there, eg 
Your problems may come from having the source spread around, and if 
nothing else, it is harder to keep track of.

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