[cairo] Dependency libs

John Emmas john at creativepost.co.uk
Tue Sep 29 08:07:02 UTC 2020

On 28/09/2020 16:10, fanc999 at yahoo.com.tw wrote:
> you may want to look at my github repo at
> https://github.com/fanc999/gtk-msvc-projects, under the folder 
> libiconv, for easier builds on Visual Studio.

Many thanks - BTW is this repo also something to do with you?


> Please note, nowadays, as most of the items there have more flexible 
> build systems that covers Visual Studio builds, so many of the items 
> there I am not intending to keep up to date, but I will try to cover 
> for libiconv and gettext, time-permitting.

I assume you're referring to Meson & CMake etc?  I must admit I haven't 
found them to be much use.  For example with Meson you can often produce 
a Debug build target or a Release target - but not both!!  MSVC projects 
are much more flexible - and now that they support the Clang compiler 
(and even gcc now, I believe) it's become possible to build stuff for 
Linux as well as for Windows (i.e. using MSVC projects).  If Microsoft 
gets around to adding MacOS support, Visual Studio will hopefully regain 
some of the ground it lost to gcc.  Let's hope so !!


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