[cairo] question about cairo

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Tue Jan 5 15:12:09 UTC 2021


Am 03.01.21 um 00:43 schrieb lpsong at cashq.ac.cn:
>> install.packages("Cairo")
> trying URL 'https://mirror.lzu.edu.cn/CRAN/src/contrib/Cairo_1.5-12.2.tar.gz'
> Content type 'application/octet-stream' length 88631 bytes (86 KB)

I'm sorry, but I think you are writing to the wrong mailing list. The
above is not "our" cairo. I would guess it is some R bindings to cairo?
Google found http://www.rforge.net/Cairo/, but that does not say
anything about bug reports.

The error message itself is also weird to me. I have no idea about R,
but I'd suggest to figure out how to get access to config.log to see
what exactly failed. From the output that you send, it seems like R
"helpfully" cleaned up and deleted the config.log already...?

This can be a, a little complicated. Listen, my advice is... ask
somebody else for advice, at least someone who's... got more experience
at...  giving advice.

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